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Ultrasonic Cutter (ULSO) Ultrasonic Tire Cutter

Model No. 84A (40Khz)
Power Consumption 800W
Operational Voltage 220V AC (Input Voltage Range :AC 200V~230V 50Hz, 60Hz)
etc. PLL Auto_Tuning
Over load check
(Overcurrent, Overpower, Output Phase, Temperature)
Constant Amplitude Maintenance Function
Size : Width 350mm Length 440mm Heigh 140mm

Main Amp

Amp Front view


1 power Power supply switch to the amp
2 Red led It indicates the alarm is on
3 Reset It releases the alarm and reset the amp
4 Test The ultrasonic wave is output while being pushed
5 Power[%] It visualizes the ultrasonic output energy
6.7 It is used to control the ultrasonic amplitude
8 It displays the status of amplitude controlling function
9 It can access to the amplitude configuration function and control amplitude display status
Amp Back view

Back Side-view

1 AC Main Power Connector
2 External Amplitude Control Connector
3 External Ultrasonic Run Signal Connector
4 Alarm and Deposition Signal Provision Connector
5 Ultrasonic Electric Power to Converter Connector

Tool Horn

Tool Horn
1 Horn Model-40HT A blade uses the ultrasonic wave vibrated by the booster to cut the tire and the materials vary depending on the conditions
2 Booster Model-40BA It has a function to greatly amplify the vibration of the ultrasonic wave or decrease it and is also called main horn. A1[7075-T6511] is used to cut the tire
3 Converter Model-40CV Function to change the electric signal to the mechanical signal

Patent Application

Application Number 30-2013-0053892

• Cut Signal Back Side-4, Pin #7(Black), Pin #8(White)

• Alarm Signal Back Side-4, Pin #11(Red), Pin #14(Green)

• External Amplitude Control Pin #8, Pin #1

• Start Signal Pin #2(White), Pin #6(Black)

• If you want to use the external amplitude function, turn off the S1 Dip Switch Power of the controller within the front part inside the amp and then turn on the #2 Switch

Temperature and Humidity Condition Temperature [+5˚C to +50˚C] Humidity [30% to 95% for anti-condensation]
After Service [A/S] The amp will be repaired within 3days after we receive it

The Tool Horn will be repaired within 7days after we receive it

Warranty Period 1year after the delivery date for the amp

3months after the delivery date for the tool horn [Converter, Booster, Horn]

Do not contact the tool Horn while it is in operation
The power to the amp must be turned off to replace the tool Horn

Building Drum Building Drum for Green Tire

Builing Drum


Builing Drum2


Air Viberator A Versatile Viberator

Air Viberator

Air Vibrator get rid of small air bubbles with high frequency vibration, reducing maintenance activities and enhancing strength.
It allows one operator to do compacting work that usually needs two operators, greatly reducing working time.

Compacting work requiring twooperators can be easily done by oneoperator.

Basically, the work requiring two men power can be done by one person.

It helps reduce operators’ hand tremor and fatigue caused by continuous vibration from doing compacting work everyday.

The work that usually takes two operators can be easily done by one operator at once. Also, this vibrator can be moved by one person.

It is possible to controlling vibration strength by controling air. There are various lengths of products. Therefore, it can be applied to various work sites.

Improvement Effect for Operator’s hand trembling due to daily continuous vibration work and working fatigue.

It can make easy to work which need two men’s work or two times work and can be done only one time with easy.

The vibration strength by air adjustment, product, length  is diversified so that it can be adapted easily to working circumstances.

Comparison between Air Vibrator and Electronic Vibrator

Electronic Vibrator Air Vibrator
Manpower 2 1 (Solitary work)
Length 5-7m The minimum length for production is 0.6m
Weight Vibrator Cable 7kg, Electric Motor 8-10kg About 4-5kg
Strength Control No strength control
An expensive inverter is needed to control strength.
Possible to control strength
Mobility Vibrator Cable and Electric Motor
have to moved separately.
One operator can move it with one hand.
Vibration Transmissibility to Operator Considerable Little
Availability in case of Rain Shock Hazard due to Rainwater Operable
Power Use of 220V electricity Compressed Air is used. 60mm, 45mm series: more than 7 horsepower /
33mm series: more than 3 horsepower
Durability Intermittent Bearing faults,
Partial Damage in Wire and Motor
It operates without bearings. It has semi-permanent durability.
Its rear exhaust system does not affect operators.
Average Period of Use 1-1.5 months
(when continuously used in a PC factory)
3-6 months
(when continuously used in a PC factory)

Air Vibrator for Concrete Compacting Data

Category SV60 SV45 SV33 Remark
Diameter 60mm 45mm 33mm Extension of hose is available.
Working Pressure More than 5.5kg / ㎠7 horsepower is recommended More than 5.5kg / ㎠7 horsepower is recommended More than 4.5kg / ㎠7 horsepower is recommended Available Working Pressure

Available Order length