Management Philosophy

We will be there for customers all the time.
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Competitiveness of SungYoonTS

The competitiveness of SungYoonTS lies in its remarkable support for engineering, field application, and projects.

SungYoonTS provides customers with enough technical support during the whole life cycle of products, from design concept to production of prototype to product release and to product line of customers, through close cooperation with customers.

All departments concerning technical support and executives and staff members comply with the following.

01Gaining Competitiveness by Developing Advanced Technology
02Satisfying Customers with the Best Quality
03Nurturing Creative, Adventurous, and Well-rounded Talents
04Discovering New Items and Globalizing Business
CEO has overall responsibility for advanced technology to gain competitiveness
and provides the best quality to satisfy customers.
As the CEO of SungYoonTS, I will spare no effort to nurture creative, adventurous minds.
SungYoonTS will continue to discover and develop new items to globalize our business.