CEO’s Greeting

We will be there for customers all the time.
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Greetings! Welcome to our website.

SungYoonTS Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013.
We would like to introduce ourselves as an automation equipment
manufacturing company with accumulated technology and know-how.

We are developing existing industrial facilities with a manual process into facilities with automatic process. We have contributed to dramatically improving the productivity of Batch Off Machine, Building Drum, Green Tire Inside Spray Machine, Wrapping Machine, Automatic Conveyor, etc.

We will satisfy our customers with more specialized and effective technology and products that reflet a variety of needs of customers.

With the world rapidly changing,
we will proactively deal with what customers want and take the lead in this industry.
With this dream, we will grow as a small but strong company.


“We will contribute to the development of our society and country by creating the biggest profits
by fulfilling customers’ needs.

Also, we will grow as a proud member of local communities with fantastic company culture.
I would like to ask your love for our company.”

CEO Cho, Won-Yong