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BAX-B1 Advanced Battery Booster

Patent Registration Unility Model Registration No.0462031
Insurance We take out Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business’ Product Liability Insurance (100 million won)

Features of BAX-BI boasting the best in quality

· Eco-Friendly Product

· Built-in High Precision Micro chip

· Improvements in durability and performance of charge and discharge

· Designed to break back current and maintain constant voltage

· Cutting noise and ripple voltage of engine ignition coil and all sorts of power supply

· Providing constant voltage and DC voltage

· Responsive improvement in ECU, central fuel injection system, and injection

· Designed to maintain maximum output under conditions ranging from low RPM to high RPM

Main Functions

The Transformation Process of Battery Plate

Installation method of the product

1 Clean the top of the battery. Detach the protection liner of double-sided tape of the rear part of the product, and attach it to the cleaned part of the battery.
2 Connect the (-) cord (black) to the (-) port of the battery of the car, and connect (+)cord(red)to the (+)port.
Avoid making several contacts. It needs to be connected at the first try.
3 When the two (-) and (+)cords of the product are connected to the battery of the car as above, current voltage of the battery is displayed.
4 The battery booster is designed to be operated during the engine start up. Therefore, it does not consume extra electricity of the battery.
Components: Battery Booster, Tape for Attachment, Manual